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Restoration of Gun Rights

Attorney Jason Short is recognized throughout the Northwest as the foremost Second Amendment attorney.

As a former prosecutor for 9 years (federal and state courts) and a criminal defense attorney for 8 years, along with being an NRA certified pistol instructor (who has taught well over 100 men and women), Jason has personally assisted his clients with hundreds of expungements, felony reductions to misdemeanors and restoration of gun rights.

It is very common for attorneys throughout Oregon to refer individuals to Mr. Short to restore their gun rights. He often fields questions from attorneys that call or email him with questions about gun laws in Oregon. He has taught CLE (Continuing Legal Education) courses on the subject matter to other attorneys throughout Oregon. He has testified before the Oregon Senate Judiciary Committee on how proposed gun laws would impact Oregonians. He continues to work closely with pro-second amendment organizations like OFF, NRA and USCCA (to name a few). He was the first attorney in Oregon to restore a client’s gun rights before the Psychiatric Security Review Board (PSRB). His law firm has handled almost every PSRB case that has occurred in Oregon. His law firm has a success rate above 90 percent on restoring gun rights.

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