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Increasingly, individuals are finding themselves subject to firearms restrictions. Often these restrictions remain in place well after a conviction. This uptick in firearms prohibitions is due in large part to expanded regulations on the possession of firearms and the growing number of convictions and proceedings that result in a firearms restriction.

The restoration of firearms rights is a niche field in the legal arena. Only a handful of lawyers and law firms in Oregon have developed the reputation for successfully handling these types of gun rights cases. Oregon gun lawyer Jason Short is one of them. Jason has worked on hundreds of gun rights cases over his career restoring individual’s right to possess firearms after those rights have been lost as a result of a criminal conviction, a mental health evaluation, a court ordered protective order, or other means.

As a certified pistol instructor and member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Jason Short is the Top-Rated Oregon Gun Lawyer specializing in specific legal knowledge and personal experience regarding gun rights, gun ownership, restoring gun rights in Oregon, and self-defense issues involving firearms.

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"I would like to thank you so much for making such a traumatic experience an easy process. Josh had another court case and got to me just as my court was to start. He told me not to worry and I followed him in the courtroom. I sat down while he walked up to talk the clerk. I no sooner sat down and he came walking back saying, "Let's go, it's over." In and out in less than two minutes. I am so happy. Thank you again for helping a crippled old Vietnam Veteran."

Mark C.

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Defending Legal Rights Early in the Process: An Interview with Attorney Jason Short

Jason Short is interviewed by Gila Hayes of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Fund Network, Inc. about how important it is to engage legal counsel as early as possible after using force in self defense.

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